Little Moments...BIG magic!

Zach, I am so glad to hear of your continued passion for the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Andie and I conferred this morning after your email and she spoke very highly of you. I am sending this response as her regards as well. If you have taken a good walk through our website (as it appears you have) you will notice a lot has changed over the recent years.

Just six years ago we were serving less than 100 children such as Torian. Today we serve over 1,100 each year and are on target to serve approximately 2,000 annually in the next 3-5yrs. We currently see more and more of our community’s vulnerable children and their families reaching out to us for help – guidance – and the caring support of a mentor. Today we have over 200 children on our waiting lists and in challenging economic times more single moms and struggling families are reaching out to us for support. Your continued support and pledge of $100 for every transaction this year will go a long way to help our efforts to reach these children and provide a variety of activities for them through out the year. If we could help you further your efforts in anyway please do not hesitate to ask. I would love to talk to you further to explore if there are any opportunities to encourage similar efforts throughout Garman Realty and partner with Garman on a larger level.

Again thank you very much for your role as a Big in Torian’s life, and for your support of our on-going efforts to reach more children in need.

- John Tedesco, VP of Development

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle

Garman Difference #3: Give it Back

One of the most imortant Garman Differences is what we call "Give it Back." Here is a story about how I would like to give it back.

I first became involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle in 2001. I was a "Big" for my "Little" Torian. When I first met Torian, he seemed very shy and very quiet. He and his mom had recently moved to NC from NY so he didn't know many people. I had a similar situation when I moved here from NY so I could relate.

The first few meetings were tough. I had to painfully pull conversations out of him as we got to know each other. BUT all it took was one mention of NBA basketball or WWE wrestling...and the kid came out of his shell! He was like a new person. I saw excitement and confidence, and he knew every thing about every one. It was tough to keep up! We spent a couple hours together each week and became great friends.

Unfortunately, we have not kept in touch as much as I'd like. Torian's mom got remarried and he has a wonderful new support group. I also have two children of my own so our time together has been limited. I miss him very much but I will never forget one event that will stay in my mind forever. When Kate and I got married in 2003 we had a very "interactive" wedding that involved lots of friends and family. We asked Torian to be a part of the procession and carry the bible into the church in front of our priest. He happily accepted our inivtation. He went from being a shy child to a young man who was confident enough to be the center of attention in a room full of adults. It was inspiring.

That inspiration has led me to choose Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle as my "give it back." I have pledged to donate $100 of every transaction in 2009 to the local chapter- so more kids like Torian can inspire grown-ups like me.

Garman Difference 3#: Give it Back


Garman Difference #2

About 8 years ago I took my first trip to Las Vegas with my wife Kate. She was working for Jack Daniels and was there on a business trip during the NFR (National Finals Rodeo). This was my first taste of being treated like a rocktar! Our good friend Jenn Smith was the marketing manager for Jack Daniels in Las Vegas. Thanks to Jenn, every place we went treated us like rockstars. No waiting in line, free drinks, private tables, exclusive clubs...the works. I felt like I was being treated just a little bit better than everyone else.

This exemplifies Garman Difference #2: Rockstars Wanted.

This is probably the most complex of the 4 differences. First, if you work for a Garman company, you are a rockstar. You have a great attitude, you make people feel great, and you work hard. (the trashing of hotel rooms and bowls of m & m's with no green ones is just a myth). BUT, the attitude is contagious because all of our partners are also rockstars (lenders, attorneys, inspectors, appraisers). We will not tolerate negative attitudes or poor work. However, the most important part of the equation is our clients. We want them to feel like they get the royal treatment every step of the way. Whether they are buying a home or selling a home, they get the rockstar treatment.

Garman difference number 2: Rockstars Wanted. It's the blue square.


Garman Difference #1

In only my second day with Garman Realty I am learning that one question is on everyone’s mind…even if they don’t ask me. So here is the answer.

I joined the team as a member of Garman REALTY. I will be helping people buy and sell homes just like I did when I was at RE/MAX. However, Garman HOMES is a building company and focuses on new homes. BUT- one of the huge benefits of being associated with Garman HOMES (the building company) is the G-Team! I have access to one of the finest group of trades people in the Triangle. They pride themselves on doing great work and treating people like Rockstars! The G-Team can help get your house ready to list or help make repairs after inspections. Listing your home can be stressful but our goal is to make life as easy as possible while your home is on the market.
Having the G-Team is awesome…and it is known as Garman Difference # 1. For those of you keeping score at home- that’s the green box in the logo. Check it out.


Oh What a feeling!

I recently took a trip to Marbles kids museum with my son Tyler for his 2nd birthday. And how cool was it to jump in the ball pit...(excuse me-the peas and carrots) was like I was a kid again! What a great feeling!

Well today I joined the Rockstars at Garman Realty...and I am filled with the same awesome feeling! I am so excited about working with such a great group of people who are truly devoted to offering a unique experience. Stay tuned to learn more about the 4 Garman differences...

I love the rockstar treatment...and so will you!