Garman Difference #3: Give it Back

One of the most imortant Garman Differences is what we call "Give it Back." Here is a story about how I would like to give it back.

I first became involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle in 2001. I was a "Big" for my "Little" Torian. When I first met Torian, he seemed very shy and very quiet. He and his mom had recently moved to NC from NY so he didn't know many people. I had a similar situation when I moved here from NY so I could relate.

The first few meetings were tough. I had to painfully pull conversations out of him as we got to know each other. BUT all it took was one mention of NBA basketball or WWE wrestling...and the kid came out of his shell! He was like a new person. I saw excitement and confidence, and he knew every thing about every one. It was tough to keep up! We spent a couple hours together each week and became great friends.

Unfortunately, we have not kept in touch as much as I'd like. Torian's mom got remarried and he has a wonderful new support group. I also have two children of my own so our time together has been limited. I miss him very much but I will never forget one event that will stay in my mind forever. When Kate and I got married in 2003 we had a very "interactive" wedding that involved lots of friends and family. We asked Torian to be a part of the procession and carry the bible into the church in front of our priest. He happily accepted our inivtation. He went from being a shy child to a young man who was confident enough to be the center of attention in a room full of adults. It was inspiring.

That inspiration has led me to choose Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle as my "give it back." I have pledged to donate $100 of every transaction in 2009 to the local chapter- so more kids like Torian can inspire grown-ups like me.

Garman Difference 3#: Give it Back