Garman Difference #2

About 8 years ago I took my first trip to Las Vegas with my wife Kate. She was working for Jack Daniels and was there on a business trip during the NFR (National Finals Rodeo). This was my first taste of being treated like a rocktar! Our good friend Jenn Smith was the marketing manager for Jack Daniels in Las Vegas. Thanks to Jenn, every place we went treated us like rockstars. No waiting in line, free drinks, private tables, exclusive clubs...the works. I felt like I was being treated just a little bit better than everyone else.

This exemplifies Garman Difference #2: Rockstars Wanted.

This is probably the most complex of the 4 differences. First, if you work for a Garman company, you are a rockstar. You have a great attitude, you make people feel great, and you work hard. (the trashing of hotel rooms and bowls of m & m's with no green ones is just a myth). BUT, the attitude is contagious because all of our partners are also rockstars (lenders, attorneys, inspectors, appraisers). We will not tolerate negative attitudes or poor work. However, the most important part of the equation is our clients. We want them to feel like they get the royal treatment every step of the way. Whether they are buying a home or selling a home, they get the rockstar treatment.

Garman difference number 2: Rockstars Wanted. It's the blue square.