Stingers, Bats, and go90x

I know what you’re thinking.  Trust me, it’s not what you think. 

This is a picture of my son Tyler experiencing his first “stinger.”  A stinger is a very quick, very painful experience that happens when it’s cold outside and you hit a baseball off a certain part of the bat (usually the very end or the handle right above your hands).  It sends a sharp pain directly to the palms of your hands and it stings.  Bad.  Hence... a stinger.

It is February, and spring training is upon us.  Any baseball player outside of Florida and Arizona will be practicing in cold weather to get ready for the upcoming season.  And stingers will be rampant. (shout out to my friends up north who will be hitting soft baseballs inside a gym for two more months).  

Like any pre-season regiment, there comes a little pain with getting back in shape.  At Go Realty, we just kicked off our own version of spring training- go90x.  It is a series of intense activities to help us shake off the holidays and get ready for the upcoming spring market.  To whip us into shape. 

This is my 3rd time doing go90x and it always starts out with a self evaluation.  Talk about a stinger?!  It is a great time to take an HONEST look at what you have been doing, and helps to pinpoint areas that need improvement.  It is also one of the most well structured plans I have ever used.  A wicked combination of low tech prospecting (aka  phone calls) and progressive marketing (utilizing videos, texts, social media and blogging). 

Since 2010, I have doubled my business each year and I equate much of that success to utilizing this plan.  It keeps me focused on my priorities which allows me to better serve my clients.  Because in my mind, that is the true measure of success - hitting home runs for your clients.