Big City vs Small town

The big city. The bright lights. The big buildings. The masses of people from all nations moving briskly along city streets. Horns honking. Street performers. Festivals. Shows. Culture. It can be exhilarating and overwhelming. In a city like New York or LA or Chicago (or Beijing or Tokyo or Mexico City) it is hard to keep up. Hard to make your mark as an individual.

Many of my friends who live in big cities are always bragging about how much they love it. I heart NY.

Yet most people choose to operate within a couple blocks of where they live. They create their own small town within the big city. Because of the vast amount of choices, they self-limit their selections and revert to what is safe. What is close. What is convenient.

We have a global society that is expanding faster than ever before, and it is shrinking just as fast.