You get what you pay for...

In recent years, there have been numerous real estate companies who have been promoting themselves as "Limited Service" companies or "Discount Brokers." They follow a business model that allows them to be very successful in certain markets. As you read the following note from one of our clients, you will see how important it is to understand EXACTLY what you are paying for when you hire a Realtor.

"You live and learn, and you get what you pay for...
These words of wisdom were ignited the day we signed a no-release contract with Realtor B, the Discount Broker. Against our better judgment, we took the advice of my loving but cheap family members and friends when selling our home. It was an obvious choice to them, because "selling a house is simple". We had a good home in a nice neighborhood near schools and shopping. It would sell itself in days, 2 weeks max. No need for a full service realtor, so we cut that corner. The first red flag was when she didn't want to see the 2nd floor, "I don't DO stairs, I'm sure it's fine". She overpriced the house, stuck a sign in the yard (blocked by a neighbor's bush) and listed us in the MLS computer. That was it, and we started packing. But the house didn't sell in days, and after a couple of months with no action, we grew restless. Realtor B wasn't to be bothered. She discouraged an open house, and no advertising. Our concerns were brushed off, and then communication with us stopped, so we were left to sell on our own.

We printed flyers, put out signs, and in desperation started holding our own open houses (not safe and not recommended). The seasons passed and finally our contract was finished. We got an email saying as much, and the yard sign would be removed. Todd and I were left devastated and with 2 mortgages. So we turned to an expert who recommended John Wood and Zach Schabot of the Wood Team at RE/MAX Partners. Not to be burned again, we asked around and suddenly we knew we were on the right track. The Wood team got glowing remarks from everyone, "5-star service".

It was like coming out of a tunnel into the light, we were immediately taken under their wing. The Wood Team had multiple, pre-qualified buyers ready and the showings began, even on Christmas Day! We were contacted daily with feedback, they sent out over a thousand postcards about our house to other agents in the area, and even gave us some advice on how to present the house even better. Well, before we could even have an open house, the offers came in, and our house got sold!

Thank you Wood Team, for so much. For measuring our actual square footage (Realtor B could've cost us buyers with the incorrect numbers she had!). You kept the showings steady and feedback constructive, and even drove to us to sign papers and approve the offers the moment they came in (who else will come to you after 9pm?!). And thanks especially for your fast, courteous, professional, and positive support. Selling a house is stressful in itself, having a bad realtor makes it a nightmare. But the Wood Team surely turned around the meanings of those phrases You Live and Learn, and especially You Get What You Pay For.

The Wood Team: five stars indeed!"

Tammy and Todd Lack
Holly Springs NC