Partnership with US Veterans Corps

Thanks to my friend Andy Ladner, I have recently been given the opportunity to partner with the United States Vetrans Corps and I am proud to be involved with such a special group. But let me be upfront. I have never served in the military. Never shot a real gun. Never had to be away from my family for more than a few days. I do not claim to "understand" what a veteran has experienced. It is simply impossible.

BUT I do believe we have something in common- that is the willingness to serve others for the greater good. I went to Catholic school for 9 years, but I don't mean this as a religious statement. I just genuinely enjoy helping other people. I love volunteering. I love connecting people who will do better collectively than as individuals.

We have two underlying philosophies in our company. The first is simple. Treat people like rockstars. Veterans have earned the right to be treated just a little better than everyone rockstars are. Second- 'give it back' - With every transaction I donate $50 to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and my company matches my donation. I have been involved with them for a number of years and they do great work. Now I hope to help members of another oganization who do great work. Interested? For information about our program and other USVC membership benefits, contact Andy Ladner at

By working together we will build stronger communities with service at the core of what we do.