5 Tips to Living in the Triangle

After many years of living and showing homes in the Triangle area of North Carolina, I have come to notice a few pretty standard frustrations of those who move here from other areas. I moved here from upstate NY about 15 years ago and I would like to pass on some of the lessons I've help you avoid some of the growing pains. This really is a great place to live.

Tip #1: The "Triangle" was a term developed in the 1950's with the creation of Research Triangle Park- but encompasses many more towns now, click here.

Tip #2: In the Triangle area, there are no natural defining boundaries between cities and towns. You will not cross a bridge or over a mountain and automatically be in a new town like in some other cities. You will most likely drive on one road (which changes names three times) and pass through three towns. Tryon Road, for example, on the Southern part of the county, passes from Raleigh to Cary, and then merges into HWY 64 and runs through Apex and on to Chatham County.

Tip #3: Not everyone uses their turn signal. Its annoying and frustrating (at least to me) but you don't have to lay on your horn. Life will go on. If you feel the need to use your horn to let the world know you're in a hurry, two short beeps should do. But I must warn you...most people are not in a hurry-even if you are.

Tip #4: People are ALWAYS polite, whether they mean it or not. If you are in line at a grocery store and someone smiles and says hello, its okay to start up a quick conversation and then part ways.

Tip #5: Not every home has a basement. If you are moving from a cold weather climate, you probably didn't know homes were built without basements. They are! You will find that space is replaced by "Bonus Rooms," "FROGS- Family Room Over Garage," or "Southern Basements- finished third floor space for entertaining or guests."

Bonus Tip: We have a County-wide public school system, one of the largest in the country. Go to for answers to all your questions. Some things won't make sense, but living in an area that adds thousands of children to its school system every year presents a TON of challenges.

Stay tuned for more tips to Living in the Triangle!