Social Media in Real Estate?

Social media is exploding! It would be tough to argue with that statement, right? How about social media being used in real estate? Over the past few months, I have had numerous builders and realtors approach me to ask "do I need to be doing this social media stuff?" And the answer is YES! Learn it now, learn it quickly and put it to good use (or pay someone to do it for you). Create a network of people. Of followers. Raving fans. They will bring referrals to you because you are someone they know and trust (even if they only know about you from your funny facebook photos and comments-probably makes them like you more because you seem "real"). It is similar to the way things have been done before at networking meetings, golf outings and fishing trips, except it happens at lighting speed and reaches exponentially more people.

HOWEVER, I would like to add one very big asterisk...facebook, blogger, twitter, active rain, etc etc are wonderful tools to promote your community or enhance the exposure of your homes online. But they are ABSOLUTELY NOT the only piece of the puzzle. These programs make it easier for people to find information about homes and communities but they cannot and will not replace good research, proper pricing, and excellent maintenance (and specifically for builders: updated floorplans and top quality workmanship).

So, befriend me on facebook, follow me on twitter, and link to me on LinkedIn...but be careful about spending too much time on one site... the latest and greatest is already being developed and will be here before you know it.